Adsorption Information File

Adsorption information can be shared using the STAR format, which is used by the crystallographic information file (CIF).

Tutorial (Video)

Dan Siderius (NIST) wrote a tutorial text introduction: Tutorial.

This is a growing format that benefits from revision based on discussion with the community. All updates and changes will be tracked and detailed on GitHub.

The accepted dictionary of data names (13 April 2021) is hosted on the GitHub repository and any updates will be reflected here.

To facilitate the production of the AIF for users there is a Windows program raw2aif that can convert raw analysis text files exported by Quantachrome software (.txt) and the Belsorb software raw data files (.DAT) and xls files exported by Micromeritics software (.xls). The program can be downloaded at the Github repository. Please note, this is an experimental program and if you encounter any problems please contact Jack Evans (

New: Webapp available for file conversions: Webapp

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