Highlighting recent developments for applications in energy, environment, electronics and biotechnology, Angewandte Chemie, Chemistry – A European Journal, Chemistry – An Asian Journal, ChemNanoMat, ChemPlusChem and the European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry will publish a

Joint Special Collection MOF2020WEB

This project is run in collaboration with the organisers of MOF2020web, and we, as Guest Editors, hope to bring the latest and most exciting scientific results through this virtual collection. The proposed deadline for invited submissions to this Special Collection is December 1, 2020. Papers may be submitted earlier if they are ready ahead of time. We fully respect that all colleagues are currently working under special conditions and we are willing to be flexible with this deadline. Kindly indicate your interest in submissions, by sending an email to, whether you plan to contribute to this joint Special Collection, and if so, to which journal(s).

Deanna D’Alessandro (The University of Sydney),
Thomas Bennett (University of Cambridge),
Stefan Kaskel (Technische Universität Dresden),
Hoi Ri Moon (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology).    

Angewandte Chemie  

A European Journal  

An Asian Journal  




The Special Collection will include all types of manuscripts: original research and review-type articles.

Please be aware that in order to publish a high-quality collection, your contribution will be peer-reviewed in the same manner as any other manuscript of a high-quality journal. With the participation of this group of journals, the journal transfer system may be used to make sure that your manuscript finds the best home. *Articles submitted to this Special Collection will be published in regular issues of the journals as soon as possible and collated into a dedicated section on the journals’ websites. Articles in the collection will also be set free to read for all of 2021 to help promote the issue.

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