International MOF Conference – Guidelines for selection of locations

  1. Preamble
    The International Conference on Metal-Organic Frameworks and Open Framework Compounds is organized every 2 years. The responsibility for appointing the individuals organizing the conference rests with a commission constituted by elected members of the MOF commission of the International Zeolite Association, specifically, the International MOF Commission (IMC). The election criteria and terms for their election of IMC members are described elsewhere. The international MOF Conference is expected to rotate across continents, taking into account the activity of research in the respective regions and number of researchers in the field.
    The selection of the location is based on proposals submitted to the IMC at least 8 weeks before the IMC decision meeting. The decision meeting takes place during the International MOF conference.
  2. Terms and decision on proposals
    Proposals should be submitted to the Chair and Deputy Chair of the IMC at least 8 weeks before the beginning of the International MOF Conference. The chair will circulate the proposals to all IMC members. The decision for the location of the next International MOF Conference is based on the individual votes of IMC members. Each IMC member will vote for a first and second choice of location. Members who do not participate in the IMC meeting are expected to submit their vote to the Chair before the conference begins. If this information is not available during the IMC meeting it will not be taken into account for the decision. The proposal with the highest number of first place votes will be selected. In the event of a tie, whichever of the tied submissions had the most second place votes will be selected.
  3. Basic requirements to submit a bid
    Host society/institution
    • The host should be involved in research and development activities in Metal- Organic Frameworks.
    • The host is expected to have experience in organising events of this nature or work with a professional congress organizer (PCO) or partner organization having the necessary experience and
    financial strength.

Format of the conference
• The conference should include oral and poster presentations, distinguished plenary speakers, exhibition, and sponsoring.
• The conference venue should be able to run up to 4 parallel sessions and accommodate plenary and keynote talks for and audience of 600-700 delegates. Space for poster sessions, pre- or post-workshops, and committee- meetings should be specified in the proposal.

  1. Local Organising Committee (LOC)
    The LOC is composed of representatives of the hosting country, members of the IMC, and of the organizing individuals. The LOC shall determine the content, structure, and duration of the scientific programme of the International MOF
    Conference and guarantee the quality of contributions.

The LOC shall decide:
• The themes and speakers for keynote addresses and plenary sessions.
• The number and choice of topics of speakers for parallel sessions.
• The selection of posters.

The Local Organising Committee (LOC) shall oversee and control the planning and running of the Conference
• Finances (budget, expenditures, search for sponsors, registration fees, etc.).
• Conference facilities (conference halls, meeting rooms, poster display areas, press,
communications, etc.).
• Technical installations (video, LCD projection, etc.).
• Accommodation (hotel reservations for participants, special arrangements for students, etc.).
• Conference documentation (announcements, information leaflets, calls for papers, abstracts, conference programmes, press releases, city maps/guides for participants, etc.).
• The social programme of the Conference (welcome reception, conference dinner, excursions, etc.).

  1. Organisers
    The Organisers shall assume the financial responsibility and risk of the conference. As such the Organisers will have total control of the budget and no expenditure can be incurred without its prior agreement. All involved parties shall cooperate to ensure that the Conference provides a high-quality and representative international forum for MOF-experts from academia, industry or
    government. The Organisers may involve regional organisations to support the organisation of the Conference. The Organiser is responsible for the organisation of the meetings of the IMC and the LOC. Neither the International Zeolite Association nor the IMC can provide financial support for the conference.
  2. Information to be Included in the Proposal
    Host society/institution
    • Information about the host institution / society including research activities within the scope of the conference.
    • Information about previous experience in organising events of a similar nature or details about the professional conference organiser/partner organisation.

Local organising committee
• Composition of the local organising committee including representatives of the

Location and Tentative Dates
• Information about the proposed location, accessibility, and connectivity for international and
national travel.
• Availability of hotel accommodation for different budgets including middle and low budget.
• Conference venue and facilities.
• Tentative dates/time of year

Conference format

• Suggested format of the conference including any pre- or post-workshops.
• Expected balance between academic, industrial, and student delegates.
• Sponsoring and exhibition arrangements and space.
• Social programme to the host´s choice (welcome reception, conference dinner, etc.)

Budget and costs
• Provisional budget.
• Expected delegates rates for conference and social programme.
• Targets for sponsorship and exhibition.
• Funding support by any other association or the host city.
• Costs for organization committee meetings.

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