International MOF Conferences

The international MOF conference is organized every 2 years. The IZA MOF commission has established general guidelines for conference organization. The next international MOF conference will be organized in Dresden 2022. Bids for the MOF2024 conference should be submitted 8 weeks before MOF2022 in Dresden.


MOF2022 (Dresden, Germany)

Young Scientist Symposium (Sept. 2-3, 2022, TU Dresden)

MOF2022 Main Event (Sept. 4-7, 2022, Dresden Conference Center)

Group Fotos: 2022/9/5

Industry Workshop: Advanced porous materials and membranes (Sept. 8, 2022, Fraunhofer IWS, Dresden)

MOF2020web (Sept. 21-24, 2020)

MOF2018 (Auckland, NZ)

MOF2016 (Long Beach, USA)

MOF2014 (Kobe, Japan)

MOF2012 (Edinburgh, UK)

MOF2010 (Marseille, France)

MOF2008 (Augsburg, Germany)

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